Technical Data
Pulling Power20,230 lbs
Brake Power25,291 lbs
Gear Ratio1:13,7
Rope Velocity (at Standard No of Rev. of P.T.O. Shaft 300-1)10.63'' - 17.32''/s
Rope Velocity (at Standard No of Rev. of P.T.O. Shaft 300-1) 19.68'' - 31.10''/s
Required Tractor Capacity100 - 150 HP
Weight Without Wire Rope2,050 lbs
Max. Drum Capacity426.5' ø 13 mm
MountingII, III
Length (L) - Middle position of movable logging blade34.25''
Transport Height (H1)73.62''
Overall Height (H2)90.55''
Bottom PulleyStandard
Differential Brake BandStandard
Radio Remote ControlOptional
  • Robust gearbox with high efficiency (98%)
  • High quality STRENX and HARDOX frame
  • Pull-activated wire rope feeding (adjustable) prevents uncontrolled wire rope unwinding
  • Continuous regulation of wire rope feeding speed
  • Winder enables excellent wire rope winding on the drum
  • Limit switch
  • Lower pulley
  • Hydraulically movable logging blade
  • Radio remote control (option)


Wire Rope

55-130 m

Sliding Hooks/Sliders

10 t. Slide on the wire rope.

Radio Remote Control EGV, Telenot F10 ET (with Gas +-)

Radio Remote Control EGV, Telenot F10 ET MAS (with Motor Start-Stop, Gas +-)

Two versions available. Basic model withouth MOTOR GAS +- function (for remote control of the winch) or upgrated model with additional MAS function which also provide engine revolution control of the tractor

P.T.O Shaft C Line-T 6BR+ KK560

Motor Saw Holder

Fuel Container Holder

The fuel container holder can be installed on the left or right side of the safety net.