Off-Road Cranes

The T family cranes are mainly intended for installation on tractors, forwarders and trailers. They are especially suitable for workin areas with difficult access, being a strong and reliable tool in all off-road timber handling.



GO 022 XGO 026 XGO 037 X
Anom0,22 m20,26 m20,36 m2
B0,07 m0,08 m0,11 m
C1,30 m1,51 m1,75 m
D0,60 m0,73 m0,83 m
E0,74 m0,88 m0,98 m
F0,44 m0,52 m0,58 m
G0,70 m0,82 m0,94 m
H0,32 m0,40 m0,45 m
Opening time at 50 l/min0,8 s1,1 s1,8 s
Closing time at 50 l/min1,5 s1,7 s2,7 s
Gripping force (Anom)12,5 kN14 kN19,4 kN
Max. operating pressure25 MPa25 MPa23 MPa
Max. load30 kN40 kN50 kN
Weight100 kg155 kg215 kg