Tajfun USA is also a dealer for Lancman Log Splitters and Circular Saws

Lancman Log Splitter Stawx 17

Strong constructed log splitters, made for professional use, quality hydraulics, special designed wedge for better splitting, the leg of the splitter is made of full material…Log splitter performed on the trailer for Splitting ST Any Where – STAW. Performed with high quality gasoline engine VANGUARD 10 HP or with the electric motor 5.5 kW. 

Basic data/basic equipment: 
– 2 splitting speeds (seriel) or MULTISPEED (option),
– splitting length 117 cm, splitting corse 110 cm,
– mechanical log lifter, side arms, suction filter.>

splitting power: 17 t
drive performance: SPEED 2
needed tractor power: / 3600 rpm
el.motor power:
splitting speed: HEL1: 3.6 cm/s, HEL2: 31.8 cm/s, HELR: 21.1 cm/s
max.splitting length: 117 cm
splitting corse: 110 cm
dimensions (cm): 2850/1800×3300×1540 mm
weight (kg): 580,00 kg
oil tank size (ltr.): 26

Lancman 707 Circular Saw

Horizontal Log Splitter on Two Wheels for Professional Use

Basic Data/Basic Equipment: 
– Power: 32t,
– MULTISPEED (serial),
– Splitting length 120 cm, splitting stroke 118 cm,
– Hydraulic log lifter, big splitting table, 4-way wedge with hydraulic adjustable height,
– Oil level with a thermometer, suction filter, big oil tank (120 ltr. – oil 32 HVLP).

Additional Equipment:
– 6- or 8-way wedge.

– log splitter winch with 750 kg pull strength with remote control,
– oil cooler 12V, XTREMSPEED (almost 50% faster),
– remote control for complete machine.


splitting power: 32 t
drive performance: MULTISPEED
needed tractor power: 36.5 kW/ 540 rpm
el.motor power: /
splitting speed: HC1: 10.2 cm/s, HC2: 17.3 cm/s , HCR: 25.1 cm/s
max.splitting length: 119 cm
splitting corse: 118 cm
dimensions (cm): 1950×4950×1900 mm
weight (kg): 1.760,00 kg
oil tank size (ltr.): 120

Lancman 707 Circular Saw

Circular saw for hobby and professional use. Unique with adjustable working height!

Basic Data/Performance
– Measurement system cuts up to 20″
– Support for Longer Firewood
– Transport Cart

drive: DIRECT
cutting size: 240 mm
dimensions (cm): 1200×1250×800/1060 mm
weight (kg): 185,00 kg