Tajfun Forestry Information System

The set contains the Tajfun MX BOB and Tajfun BOB 800 Mobile electronic digital caliper and other accessories, such as the holder for the mobile phone and the printer. With our new and improved Tajfun Logging software measuring standing trees, logs and lumber is reaching a new level – your perfect solution to ease and simplify your work in forestry. The following data can be acquired through measuring or additionally entered:

  • diameter,
  • length,
  • tree species,
  • wood quality,
  • bark deduction,
  • tailor-made data (according to the customer’s wishes).

The processed data can be exchanged through central information systems.

Software: Tajfun MX BOB Basic

Electronic Digital Caliper Tajfun BOB 800

Caliper Bag

CAT S40 Phone Holder


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