Length of Cut Log9.5'' - 19''
Max.Diameter of Log4'' - 15''
SawbarOregon 17˝, b = 1,5 mm
Chain3/8˝Oregon DuraCutTM
Splitting Force15 tons - Two Stage RAM
Width x Length x Height (at 45° Incline of the Conveyor)240.25'' x 55'' x 121''

TT 504 - 272.75'' x 55'' x 149.5''
Width x Length x Height (Transport Position)92.5'' x 55'' x 93''

TT 504 - 92.5'' x 55'' x 109''
Weight with Discharge Conveyor1984 lbs + 396.8 lbs
Required Tractor Capacity35 HP (Transport 70 HP)
Inbound PTO Shaft Speed430 rpm
Weight of Discharge Conveyor396.8 lbs
Length of Discharge Conveyor13' (TT 504 - 16.5')
Belt Width17"
Belt Speed (Continuous Speed Control)0-31.5''/s


Discharge Conveyor TT 504

Discharge Conveyor TT 504 is a new 5 m long discharge conveyor, which can replace the serial 4 meter discharge conveyor on Tajfun firewood processors RCA 380, RCA 400 and RCA 480 JOY. When installed, it changes the whole machine dimensions – both in work and transport positions.

Log Loader DM 2000

Log Loader DM 1511 M

Live Deck RN 3000 Mobile

Live Deck RN 3000 Stable

Live Deck RN 5000 Mobile

Live Deck RN 5000 Stable

Roller Table E 01

Additional Drive Chain

Live Deck RN 1500 F

Splitting Wedges

Wedges are made from Hardox 450

P.T.O Shaft C Line T4 DZ DZ BR+KK510

P.T.O Shaft C Line-T 6BR+ KK560

P.T.O Shaft WWZ 2380 SDF25 710

P.T.O Shaft WWZ 2380 SDF25 860

EL. Power Unit EP 12

This is a substitute to tractor drive, intended for the operation of Tajfun firewood processors with a cooling unit.

Diesel Unit DP 26

Sawdust Extractor Fan XE 10 M

Sawdust Extractor Fan XE 10 Hy M

Sawdust Extractor Fan XE 11 Hy M

Sawdust Extractor Fan XE 10 Hy

Sawdust Extractor Fan XE 11 Hy

Mobile Sawdust Separator Grenc

Cover Roof E 11

Separator SP 10

Gasoline Power Unit GP 35

Hydro Power Unit HP 25