Tajfun Winch accessories


Wire Rope

Parallel Hooks

Ball Joints

Sliding Hooks


P.T.O. Shafts

Radio Remote Control

Snatch Block

Return Drum BP 3

Motor Saw Holder

Fuel Container Holder

Hydro Power Unit

Wire Rope

Wire Rope

6 S-V ø 10 1.19 Ibs/Foot 25,059 Ibs
6 F-V ø 11 1.44 Ibs/Foot 29,962 Ibs
6 F-V ø 12 1.68 Ibs/Foot 34,348 Ibs
6 F-V ø 13 1.94 Ibs/Foot 40,465 Ibs
6 F-V ø 14 2.23 Ibs/Foot 47,210 Ibs
FV ø 15 0.75 Ibs/Feet 45,900 Ibs
6 F-V ø 16 2.78 Ibs/Foot 52,650 Ibs
6 S-V ø 9 0.99 Ibs/Foot 20,694 Ibs

Parallel Hooks and Ball Joints

Parallel Hooks

Parallel Hook P7-8

Parallel Hook P16

Parallel Hook P13

Parallel Hook P10

Ball Joint

Ball Joint Rotating ø 8 – ø 10 mm

Ball Joint Rotating ø 10 – ø 13 mm

Sliding Hooks and Sliders

Sliding Hook


Slider Rotating D7-8

Slider POK

Slider (22,046 lbs)

Radio Remote Control

Radio Remote Control B&B F10

Radio Remote Control EGV, Telenot F10 ET MAS (with Motor Start-Stop, Gas +-)

Radio Remote Control EGV, F10 ET (with Gas +-)

Radio Remote Control DGV and DVV, F10 DT MAS (with Motor Start-Stop, Gas+-)

Radio Remote Control B&B F10 ET PRO MAS

Two versions available. Basic model withouth MOTOR GAS +- function (for remote control of the winch) or upgrated model with additional MAS function which also provide engine revolution control of the tractor

B&B F10 ET and DT

New shape allows optimum body fit in all situations

Large control panel, inclined control panel, integrated safety belt ribbon

Plastic high hardness construction with rubber-coated edges

More carrying options (on hip, chest or abdomen)

Replaceable ordinary batteries (AA); high-quality Sanyo Eneloop batteries are included

Two-way radio technology

DIN standard compliant Stop and Emergency Switch

Standard movement and position Sensors

Optional GPS enabled Emergency Switch

5-year warranty for registered customers

Frequency Band2.3' ISM Band
Transmission Capacity10 mW ERP
System Addresses16 mio Unique Addresses
Modulation TypeGMSK / Halbduplex
Control Commands7/10 1 x Emergency Switch / 1x Alarm
Temperature Range-4 F to +140 F


Power Supply2 x AA NiMH- Rechargeable Batteries 1,2V / 1900 mAh
Housing2 K poliamid / 66-GF+TPE
Protection TypeIP 65
Height x Width x Length4.5'' x 6.25'' x 2.5''
Weight1.3 Ibs


Power Supply10 V do 30 V DC
HousingPC ABS
Protection TypeIP 65
Height x Width x Length6'' x 8.5'' x 2'’
Weight1.5 Ibs
AntennaOptional Integrated - Outside Connection

P.T.O. Shafts

P.T.O Shaft C Line-T 6BR+ KK560

Dims: 1 3/8″ Z6 – 1 3/8″ Z6; LKK=560

P.T.O Shaft C Line-T 4BR+ KK560

Dims: 1 3/8″ Z6 – 1 3/8″ Z6; LKK=22”

P.T.O Shaft C Line-T 2BR+ KK560

Dims: 1 3/8″ Z6 – 1 3/8″ Z6; LKK=22”

LKK – P.T.O. Shaft length between pivot points

Easy to use, user-friendly C Line connection

Flexible protection hood, which allows easy access to connecting mechanism and grease nipples

Snatch Block

PS 130 + Load Belt 9.9′

PS 130 + Load Belt 6.6′

Designed for winches with pulling power up to 14,500 lbs and use with Load Belt, designed especially for operations with Snatch Block 130, logging winches and mobile tower yarders.

High load capacity

Easy operation even in hard accessible terrain

Low weight and small size compared to existing snatch blocks (light construction)

SMART lock, which allows fast and simple pulley side opening

Combination of human-friendly top quality materials

Modern innovative design

Load Capacity29,200 Ibs
Break Force58,450 Ibs
Weight5 Ibs

Load Belt

*Available as a Package with Snatch Block

Load Capacity30,865 lbs30,865 lbs
Weight7.7 lbs9.7 lbs

Return Drum

Return Drum BP 3

The BP 3 Return Drum is a new Tajfun product that serves as a complement to the performance of forestry winches (hydraulic). It is mounted onto a winch or a floor base (optional) and can be transferred with a swingarm. The BP 3 Return Drum and the hydraulic forestry winch can be controlled using the DGV electro-hydraulic control console or the F10 DGV radio remote control unit.

Electro-Hydraulic Control

Radio Remote Control

Sensor for Activating Wire Rope Feed

Corresponding Guide Pulleys (4 Pieces) and Load Strips (4 Pieces)

Traction force675 lbs
DriveTractor hydraulics - hydromotor
Oil Flow13 - 16 gal/min
Pressure (max)2030 psi
Wire rope speed (at 13 gal/min)8 -10 ft/s
Wire rope speed (at 16 gal/min)9 - 12 ft/s
Weight (with wire rope - 1312' ø 4 mm)243 lbs
Length of wire rope (max)1312' ø 4 mm

The wire rope of the return drum is routed around the hauling route by means of dedicated pulleys, which are mounted on the surrounding trees. With a return drum, the wire rope is pulled out quickly and effortlessly from the main winch to the desired location. This type of system requires two operators. One controls the system with a control console or a remote controller (optional) and releases the logs at the mainwinch, while the other operator secures the logs at the other end of the route.

1. Main winch
2. Return drum
3. Hauling route
4. Operator 1
5. Operator 2

Motor Saw Holder

Motor Saw Holder

Serial mounted on the winch. It is possible to order an additional motor saw holder.

The motor saw holder can be installed on the left or right side of the safety net. One winch can hold up to two holders.

Weight: 3 lbs

Fuel Container Holder

Fuel Container Holder

Width x Length: 6″-7.4″ x 13.5″

Weight: 8 lbs

Fuel Container Holder XL

Width x Length: 6″-7.4″ x 15″

Weight: 8 lbs

Hydro Power Unit

The hydro power unit is a tractor PTO drive replacement for a forestry winch. The drive is equipped with a hydraulic motor that is attached to the frame of the forestry winch. The connection to the forestry winch is direct, without a PTO shaft (cardan). This solution is ideal if no PTO drive is available, only the hydraulic system of the power unit. The hydro power unit is connected to the power unit with hydraulic hoses, and power is guaranteed. The unit includes a meter showing the number of rpm and the working hours.

Hydro Power Unit HP 25 EGV 65

CompatibilityEGV 65 A, EGV 65 AHK (SG)
Oil flow20 gal/min
Max. pressure 2900 psi
Output speed300 rpm
Power33 HP (25 kW)
Weight44 Ibs

Hydro Power Unit HP 25 EGV 45 + 55

CompatibilityEGV 45 A, EGV 45 AHK (SG),
EGV 55 A, EGV 55 AHK (SG)
Oil flow20 gal/min
Max. pressure 2900 psi
Output speed300 rpm
Power33 HP (25 kW)
Weight44 Ibs