Mobile Tower Yarder

MOZ 350 GR

Technical Data
Cable Line Lengthup to 984'
Load Capacity at Transport Speedup to 6,295 lbs
Required Tractor Capacity80 HP
P.T.O. Shaft rpm540 rpm
Transport Speedup to 13.10'/s
Weight Without Wire Rope8,819 lbs
Transport Height9'
Max. Height24.6'

Wire Rope

Skyline Rope – 1 ø 18 mm, 350 m

Skidding Rope – 3 ø 9 mm, 350 m

Anchoring (x4) – 4 ø 16 mm, 45 m


Radio Remote Control IMET WAVE2

Snatch Block Tajfun PS 130

Tajfun PS 130 + Load Belt 2m

Tajfun PS 130 + Load Belt 3m

Designed for winches with pulling power up to 65 kN and use with Load Belt, designed especially for operations with Snatch Block 130, logging winches and mobile tower yarders.

Trolley VOZ GR

P.T.O. Shaft WWZ 2380 1.3/8 Z6

P.T.O. Shaft WWZ 2380 32/38 Z8