Technical Data
Pulling Power14,500 lbs
Brake Power18,000 lbs
Gear Ratio1:10.8
Rope Velocity (at 540 min-1)19.5'' - 38.75''/s
Required Tractor Capacity50-90 HP
Weight Without Wire Rope1,191 lbs
MountingII, III
Transport Height69"
Overall Height91"
  • Standard Bottom Pulley
  • Standard Coupling
  • Standard Differential Brake Band

Protection Board Width

1660 mm

1800 mm


Powered Upper Pulley

  • Facilitates work and increases rope lifespan
  • Button push, instead of manual tiresome rope pulling
  • Good pull rope grip – reliable operation, independent of external influences
  • Help with rope extraction from the drum – ensures steady wire rope winding or unwinding when wire rope is not under load
  • Minimal maintenance
  • SERIAL with SG type
  • OPTIONAL with AHK type hydraulic winches 

Wire Rope

11 mm, 12 mm, 13 mm, 14 mm


Hook Parallel P13

Ball Joint rotating ø 10- ø 13 mm

Sliding Hook


Slider (10 t)

Slider POK

Slider Rotating D7-8

Radio Remote Control EGV, Telenot F10 ET (with Gas +-)

Radio Remote Control EGV, Telenot F10 ET MAS (with Motor Start-Stop, Gas +-)

Two versions available. Basic model withouth MOTOR GAS +- function (for remote control of the winch) or upgrated model with additional MAS function which also provide engine revolution control of the tractor

P.T.O. Shaft C Line-T 4BR+ KK560

Snatch Block Tajfun PS 130

Tajfun PS 130 + Load Belt 2m

Tajfun PS 130 + Load Belt 3m

Designed for winches with pulling power up to 65 kN and use with Load Belt, designed especially for operations with Snatch Block 130, logging winches and mobile tower yarders.